Winton Machinery Offset Verge Flail Mowers

Winton verge flail mowers have hydraulically operated offset cutting heads perfect for cutting verges, tricky grassed areas and low hedges. As well as full upwards vertical movement at 90 degrees, it can be used at a 45 degree angle for ditch and verge cutting.

Adjustable cutting height range of 3-8cm. Requires two double acting hydraulic spools to operate.

  • Hedge tilt up to 90 degrees
  • Upgraded bearings for smoother action
  • Spirally arranged hammer blades for an efficient cut


Model No: WVF125 WVF145
Working width (cm) 125 145
Width (cm) 150 170
HP Range 20-40 25-45
Weight (kg) 264 336
RRP (excl VAT) £2,360 £2,466

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Winton Machinery Offset Verge Flail Mowers