Winton Machinery Log Splitters

Our Log Splitter’s are ideal for estate and forestry work, as it is easily transportable but still offers a low effort way of preparing logs. It can be used all year round for preparing logs ready for the winter and clearing.

Despite their small size, they boast a powerful splitting force of 10tn.

The WLS10H Hydraulic Log Splitter is powered by the hydraulics of the tractor, so one double-acting spool (two outlets) is required to operate this attachment.

The WLS10P PTO Log Splitter does not need any hydraulic connection on the tractor as it runs from an independent hydraulic pump powered by the tractor’s PTO.

  • 3 point linkage mounted
  • Replaceable blade
  • Supplied with wide base plate for improved stability


Model No: WLS10H WLS10P
Power Source Hydraulic PTO
Weight (kg) 78 126
RRP (excl VAT) £898 £1,676

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Winton Machinery Log Splitters