William Hackett 12ft Folding Framed Harrow B-HF12

The B-HF12 William Hackett 12ft Folding Framed Harrow is ideal for use around smallholdings and paddocks. It is perfect for levelling molehills, as well as spreading manure and aerating the soil. This will promote healthier and stronger growth.

The attachment benefits from both speed and ease of use. A 3 way harrow is perfect for aggressive harrowing tines down. When turned around the bed gives a slightly less vigorous harrow. Finally, a light harrow can be achieved by upturning the bed.

With 13mm diameter tines, it is perfect for small or compact tractors. The harrow bed is 12ft wide but can fold up to 4ft wide for easy access through gateways between fields and storage. Folding is a simple one man operation taking only seconds.

The British framed harrow design benefits from both strength and reliability. All frame wings have gusset plates welded to the corners to add strength and rigidity to the frame. This ensures that the harrow is extremely strong with a high resistance to wear. This means you will save time and money.

With a 3 point linkage mount, the William Hackett 12ft Folding Framed Harrow is suitable for a range of small and compact tractors.

This implement is quick and simple to fit and operate, saving both time and effort.


Weight 215 kg
Dimensions 150 × 360 cm
Linkage Type Cat 1
RRP (excl VAT) £1,387


  • 3 way tines for different strength levels
  • Folds to 4ft width for easy access and storage
  • 3 point linkage mount for easy transport
  • British made harrows
  • Suitable for sub-compact tractors and ATVs

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William Hackett 12ft Folding Framed Harrow B-HF12