Rotary Hedge Cutter RC 102

The Rotary Hedge Cutter RC 102 is a professional attachment tool designed specifically for hedge cutting and developed for the discerning customer with a focus on:

Cutting performance, efficiency, output and working environment.

The Rotary Hedge Cutter RC 102 performs three operations in one. It cuts, shreds and disposes the cut-off material. The blade system consists of 18 special hardened blades that provide a smooth and consistent cut of branches up to 2 cm (0.79") in diameter.

The Rotary Hedge Cutter RC 102 can be mounted on most compact tractors, front loaders and skid steer loaders through our Multi Carrier HXF 2302, HXF 2802 or Scorpion 330 & 430 boom mower. It is also possible to mount the hedge trimmer on mini excavators and other manufacturers of boom mowers.

The Rotary Hedge Cutter RC series fits the following GreenTec machines:

RC 102 RC 132 RC 162
Multi Carrier HXF 2302 Check mark
HXF 2802 Check mark Check mark
HXF 3302 Check mark Check mark
Boom Mower Scorpion 330 & 430 Check mark Check mark
Scorpion 530 & 630 Check mark
Scorpion 730 & 830 Check mark

Product Highlights

  • Perfect cutting quality
  • Reduction of diseases in the hedge
  • No expenditures for disposal of the cut-off material
  • Minimal wear and maintenance costs
  • The enclosed cutter housing improves safety
  • Low noise level which reduces noise nuisance

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Working width 1.0 m
Number of rotors 3 pcs
Blades per rotor 6 pcs
Max. branch thickness 2 cm
Driving speed up to 2.5 km/h
(1.55 mph)
Required hydraulic connections 1 x double acting + 1 x drain
Required oil flow 25 l/min @ 190 bar
(6.6 gpm @ 2756 psi)
Weight 100 kg
(220 lb)


Equipment Overview

Hydraulic motor Standard equipment
Power Band belt drive Standard equipment
Belt tightener Standard equipment
Blade system with double cutting depth Standard equipment
360° free-swinging blades Standard equipment
Tool to change blades with ease Standard equipment
Gradual cutting angle setting Standard equipment
Lean lifter Standard equipment
Support wheel Standard equipment
Rubber flap kit Standard equipment
Enforced body Standard equipment
Smooth surface Standard equipment
Performance enhanced cutting angle Standard equipment
Easy access to the belt drive Standard equipment
Mechanical quick release Optional equipment
Hydraulic quick release Optional equipment

Standard equipment = Standard equipment

Optional equipment = Optional equipment


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Rotary Hedge Cutter RC 102