Quadsaw LRS 1602

The Quadsaw LRS 1602 is great for pruning branches in residential areas due to its low noise level compared to the larger models in the LRS series. The hydraulic limb saw has several other uses, such as forest maintenance and trimming of hedgerows on agricultural fields.

A branch guider is fitted to each of the four circular blades which enable you to cut all sizes of branches with a clean and aesthetically pleasing look. The saw cuts limbs up to 12 cm (4.72”) in thickness.

The hydraulic limb cutter has a working width of 1.6 m (5’3”) and a relatively low weight of 110 kg (243 lb). The saw head can be mounted on most vehicles used by contractors and farmers, such as tractors, excavators and loaders.

The Quadsaw LRS series fits the following GreenTec machines:

LRS 1402 LRS 1602 LRS 2002 LRS 2402
Multi Carrier HXF 2302 Check mark
HXF 2802 Check mark Check mark
HXF 3302 Check mark Check mark Check mark
Boom Mower Scorpion 330 & 430 Check mark Check mark
Scorpion 530 & 630 Check mark Check mark
Scorpion 730 & 830 Check mark Check mark


Product Highlights

  • Perfect cutting quality - both thick and thin branches
  • Forward speed = high capacity
  • Power Drive transmission, high efficiency, low power requirements
  • Saw blades with carbide tipped teeth = long life and minimal maintenance (grinding)

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Working width 1.6 m
Sawblades with Widia teeth 4 pcs: Ø 40 cm
(4 pcs: Ø 1’4”)
Branch thickness 0.5 – 12 cm
(0.20” – 4.72”)
Required hydraulic connections 1 x double acting + 1 x drain
Minimum oil flow 40 l/min @ 190 bar
(10.6 gpm @ 2756 psi)
Blade speed 2600 – 2700 rpm
Driving speed up to 5 km/h
(3.11 mph)
Weight 110 kg
(243 lb)

Equipment Overview

Blade diameter: 40 cm (1’4″) Standard equipment
Oil engine: 40 l/min @ 190 bar (10.6 gpm @ 2756 psi) Standard equipment
Carbide tipped blades Standard equipment
Belt stretcher Standard equipment
Power Band belt drive Standard equipment
Belt tension gauge Standard equipment
Large smooth surface Standard equipment
Narrow body Standard equipment
Branch guider at each saw blade Standard equipment
4 blades in a line Standard equipment
7° angle allows overlap between the blades Standard equipment
The cutout on the 40 cm (1’4″) blade provides less noise Standard equipment
Skid shoe (the saw avoids hitting the ground) Standard equipment
Saw blades or rotor blades, 4 pieces Standard equipment
Mechanical quick release Optional equipment
Hydraulic quick release Optional equipment
Oil flow divider Optional equipment
Rotor blades, 4 pieces, retrofitted Optional equipment

Standard equipment = Standard equipment

Optional equipment = Optional equipment


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Quadsaw LRS 1602