Multi Carrier Puma 3303

Extend the horizontal reach of your vehicle with our Multi Carrier Puma 3303 and reduce the time spent on landscape maintenance tasks. The Multi Carrier Puma 3303 is the largest model in the Puma series and is mainly mounted on tele handlers, large front end loaders and excavators. An extensive range of tools for hedge cutting and tree trimming can quickly be attached or detached to the frame. The Quadsaw LRS 2002 and LRS 2402 are the ideal solution for windbreak maintenance where large branches need to be cut (maximum 21 cm (8.28") thickness). The quadsaws provide a smooth cut and have a high working speed. However, the noise level is loud and there are some maintenance costs regarding the saw blades. The Cutterbar HX 170 - 270 series can also be used for windbreak maintenance. The cutterbars have a lower noise level and do not require any maintenance. However, they have a lower capacity and can only cut relatively small branches (maximum 11 cm (4.33") thickness). The Rotary Hedge Cutter RC 162 is designed for hedge cutting and performs three operations in one. It cuts, shreds and disposes the cut-off material, so you do not have to pick it up afterwards. The Rotary Hedge Cutter RC 162 is best suited for regularly hedge cutting where the branches are no more than 4 cm (1.57") thick. All the tools are attached to the Multi Carrier Puma frame which is mounted on the vehicle. The Multi carrier Puma is mounted on the carrier vehicle's quick-hitch system whereafter all the hydraulic hoses are connected. The mounting of the machine only requires a few minutes of your time. When the Multi carrier Puma is mounted on a telehandler, it can advantageously be a left hand version. Thus, the driver has a perfect view to the attachment tool.

Product Highlights

  • Mounted on front end loaders, telehandlers, wheel loaders and excavators
  • High road safety
  • Automatic Hydraulic Break-back (AHS)
  • Build in anti-cavitation valve
  • Easy attachment system
  • Low weight

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Reach from center of vehicle to end of tool 2.5 m
Transport width 2.2 m
Standard oil flow 50 l/min @ 180 bar
(13.2 gpm @ 2611 psi)
Alternative oil flow 40 l/min @ 180 bar
(10.6 gpm @ 2611 psi)
Weight without brackets 200 kg
(441 lb)


Equipment Overview

Mechanical cutting angle control Standard equipment
Mechanical switch from working to transport position Standard equipment
Automatic Hydraulic Break-back with pre-pressure Standard equipment
Oil flow divider Standard equipment
Anti-cavitation valve Standard equipment
Pressure relief valve Standard equipment
1.5 m (4’11”) hose kit for attachment tool Standard equipment
Euro brackets or universal plate Standard equipment
Hydraulic angle control* Optional equipment
Hydraulic angle control incl. e-control of all functions** Optional equipment
Counterweights, 130 kg (287 lb) Optional equipment
8.5 m (27’11”) hose kit (from front loader to tractor rear) – 3 pcs. Optional equipment
8.5 m (27’11”) hose kit (from front loader to tractor rear) – 5 pcs. Optional equipment
Other bracket types Optional equipment

Standard equipment = Standard equipment

Optional equipment = Optional equipment

* Hydraulic angle control requires two DA connections
** When you buy the hydraulic angle control and the e-control with an oil flow divider, you only need one DA connection (and a zero-pressure tank drain where it is required).


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Multi Carrier Puma 3303