Multi Carrier Puma 2303

Extend the reach of your vehicle with our Multi Carrier Puma 2303 and reduce the time spent on landscape maintenance tasks.

The Multi Carrier Puma 2303 can easily be mounted on smaller vehicles, such as skid steer loaders and compact tractors with a minimum weight of 1200kg. Grass mowing, hedge cutting, shelter belt maintenance and cleaning of pavements are easily done with this small, versatile and flexible machine.

The Multi Carrier and the attachment tools are run from the hydraulic system of the vehicle.

The following attachment tools can be fitted to the Multi Carrier Puma 2303:

  • Quadsaw LRS 1402
  • Rotary Hedge Cutter RC 102
  • Cutterbar HL 152
  • Barrier Mower RI 60 & 80
  • Weed Clearing Brush BR 70

A hydraulic and mechanical quick release system makes it extremely easy to swap tools. Through the compact and inexpensive construction, the Multi Carrier Puma 2303 is a small investment for a multipurpose solution. The machine is used in municipal, grounds maintenance, industrial and agricultural sectors.


Product Highlights

  • Mounted on skid steer loaders and compact tractors
  • High road safety
  • Automatic Hydraulic Break-back (AHS)
  • Anti-cavitation valve and oil flow divider
  • Easy attachment system
  • Low weight

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Reach from center of vehicle to LRS 1402 1.8 m
Transport width 1.3 m
Required oil flow 25 l/min @ 180 bar
(6.6 gpm @ 2611 psi)
Weight without brackets 110 kg
(243 lb)


Equipment Overview

Mechanical cutting angle control Standard equipment
Mechanical switch from working to transport position Standard equipment
Stand for vertical dismounting Standard equipment
Automatic Hydraulic Break-back with pre-pressure (AHS) Standard equipment
Oil flow divider Standard equipment
Anti-cavitation valve Standard equipment
Pressure relief valve Standard equipment
1.5 m (4’11) hose kit for attachment tool Standard equipment
Hydraulic and mechanical quick release (integrated on HXF 2302) Standard equipment
Euro brackets or universal plate Standard equipment
Hydraulic angle control* Optional equipment
Hydraulic angle control incl. e-control of all functions** Optional equipment
Counterweights, 55 kg (121 lb) Optional equipment
8.5 m (27’11”) hose kit (from front loader to tractor rear) – 3 pcs. Optional equipment
8.5 m (27’11”) hose kit (from front loader to tractor rear) – 5 pcs. Optional equipment
Other bracket types Optional equipment


Standard equipment = Standard equipment

Optional equipment = Optional equipment

* Hydraulic angle control requires two DA connections.
** When you buy the hydraulic angle control and the e-control with an oil flow divider, you only need one DA connection (and zero-pressure tank drain where it is required).



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Multi Carrier Puma 2303