Flail Mower FR 122 & 162

GreenTec has developed a range of hydraulic flail mowers that give you with the best conditions for maintaining large green areas.

The flail mowers are primarily used for grass mowing in verges, ditches, dikes and slopes. Hedge trimming of smaller branches is also no challenge for these versatile machines.

The Integrated Airflow system is one of the main features of the FR series. The space between the rotor and the shield is purposely designed to increase the air velocity so the cut-off material exits the mower as quickly as possible. It creates a natural vacuum that sucks the grass into the mower. This increases the capacity of the flail head and reduces the power requirement.

The flail mowers are available in working widths of 1.2 or 1.6 m (3'11" and 5'3") and are suitable for contractors and farmers that want the best mowing equipment in the market. You can achieve a driving speed of up to 7 km/h (4.35 mph) which enhances the efficiency significantly.

The main bearings are integrated in the rotor shaft which reduces the total width of the flail head.

The machines are manufactured in Strenx 700 high strength steel which is one of the most durable steel types in the world. It is the same material that is used for chassis in the automotive industry. The flails are adapted to the rotor to stop breakage and damage from happening. These measures keep the maintenance costs at a low level.

The Flail Mower FR 122 & 162 are hydraulic driven and can be mounted on our Scorpion boom mowers for tractors or directly on the arm of diggers. We also offer a large selection of adapters and brackets for excavators and other manufactures of reach mowers.

The Flail Mower FR 122 & 162 fits the following GreenTec machines:

FR 122 FR 162
Boom Mower Scorpion 330 & 430
Scorpion 530 & 630 Check mark Check mark
Scorpion 730 & 830 Check mark Check mark


Product Highlights

  • 25% higher power and energy savings with Integrated Airflow
  • Weight reduction of 20% by using Strenx 700 steel
  • Integrated rotor bearings reduce the overall width
  • Power Belt drive ensures minimal maintenance
  • Double spiral rotor with uniform flow
  • New shape of flails that prevent breakage or damage to the rotor

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Working width 1.2 m
​1.6 m
Branch thickness 4 cm
4 cm
Driving speed up to 5 – 7 km/h
(3.11 – 4.35 mph)
5 – 7 km/h
(3.11 – 4.35 mph)
Required hydraulic connections 1 x double acting + 1 x drain 1 x double acting + 1 x drain
Required oil flow 85 l/min @ 230 bar
(22.5 gpm @ 3336 psi)
85 l/min @ 230 bar
(22.5 gpm @ 3336 psi)
Required oil flow 85 l/min @ 315 bar
(22.5 gpm @ 4569 psi)
85 l/min @ 315 bar
(22.5 gpm @ 4569 psi)
Weight 320 kg
(705 lb)
360 kg
(794 lb)


Equipment Overview

Integrated Airflow Standard equipment
Optimized total width Standard equipment
Power Belt drive Standard equipment
Strenx 700 steel construction Standard equipment
Double spiral rotor Standard equipment
Equipped with C-flails Standard equipment
Rubber protection in front and back Standard equipment
Adjustable front Standard equipment
Rounded rear roller Standard equipment
Optimized shape of flails Standard equipment
Hydraulic quick release Optional equipment
Mechanical quick release Optional equipment
L-flails Optional equipment
T-flails Optional equipment

Standard equipment = Standard equipment

Optional equipment = Optional equipment


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Flail Mower FR 122 & 162