Engels Multispin Harvesters

5 x Engles Multispin Harvesters for sale. Harvesting machines for various crops.

These rigs were previously used for asparagus but are now surplus to requirements.

  • 1 x 2010 model
  • 2 x 2011 model
  • 2 x 2015 model
  • Portable battery packs
  • 8-10km range
  • 5,0km/h speed

The multi spin is an electrically driven harvester for various crops. The machine has the ability to collect many empty and full boxes in the field. Due to the High ground clearance and wide track width, the machine is suitable for various leaf crops and crops on ridges.

The Multispin has an electric drive on both front wheels. This ensures that the machine always has sufficient traction in the field. The electric motors are sheltered high above ground. The drive wheels are driven by chain drives.

The multi spin is equipped with a portable battery pack The capacity of the battery pack is sufficient to be able to harvest a whole working day.

For any more information regarding any of these machines please get in contact with a member of the PJM Agri team.

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Engels Multispin Harvesters