Air Jet Ground Aerator

The Air Jet Ground Aerator is a grounds aeration machine.

The Air Jet has a single probe which is available in two diameters, The Air Jet Ground Aerator probe blasts air in 4 directions at variable pressures to a depth and duration that the
operator requires down to a maximum of 500mm using the 25mm diameter probe, thus lifting, expanding
and de-compacting the soil.

Key features of the Air Jet Ground Aerator include:

  • 4 way air jet
  • maximum working depth of 500mm
  • 3 point linkage light weight design perfect for small compact tractors
  • Hose reel

The Air Jet Ground Aerator is ideal for high traffic areas which are prone to a high volume of foot fall causing compaction and poor grass growth. Areas such as (but not limited to) goal mouths, bunkers, walkways, greens and around tree roots, injecting life giving air into the soil profile and allowing the plant roots to breath, perfect for spot treatments complementing other forms of aeration. The target user would be the likes of groundsmen, green keepers, grounds construction and maintenance professionals, All sports & amenity grounds professionals.

For more information regarding this machine please get in contact with a member of the PJM Agri team.

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Air Jet Ground Aerator