Aerworx Ground Aerator

Aerworx Ground Aerator - Built for results, Over built to last.

Grassland aeration has traditionally been done using conventional lightweight aerators the spring when the soil is still wet to allow Machines to penetrate. Work rates are slow and the heaviest pieces of concrete or metal from the farmyard are used to ballast the frames of the machines. We promote the heavier and faster you use the machine, the drier and harder the soil, the better the job you will do. Not the traditional way

All AerWorx Aerators are perfect for aerating compacted soil and increasing yields.

  • Slight to medium surface disturbance
  • Ideal for improving pastures suffering from

  • Increase water retention

  • Fracture subsoil up to 30cm

  • Reduce fertilisation costs

  • High work rates – single pass

  • Avoid run-off

  • Prevents standing water

  • Extended grazing and cutting periods

  • Increase grass and hay field production

    How AerWorx Aerators Work

    The AerWorx aerator’s blades will penetrate and shatter the “hard pan” without exposing the soil erosion.It works in all soil types – from sandy to heavy clay to rocky – from flawless hayfields to rugged terrains.

    Hillsides are able to capture rainwater – avoiding run-off. Chemical and natural fertilisers are absorbed and filtered through the soil and grass roots.

    In its no-till application, hay fields can be worked while leaving them smooth. Grass roots remain down – not exposed to sunlight. Cows can remain in worked fields. Relieve soil compaction and root-bound sod. Stimulate grass roots to grow down, resulting in greener, thicker grasses. Receive nutrients by turning the ground into a sponge, absorbing all rain, fertiliser or natural waste applications. Avoid runoff in hilly terrain.

    Save time and fuel – increase grass yield and stocking rates!

Aerworx Products:

  • 3M x 20inch Aerator
  • 3M x 30 inch Aerator
  • 3m x 42 inch trailed Aerator 
  • 20 inch mini range
  • Bespoke seeders 

For more information regarding these machines please get in contact with a member of the PJM Agri team.

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Aerworx Ground Aerator